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July 18th, 2011

Wildlife safaris in Namibia Africa

If you have been to Africa, you should have discovered Namibia, one of the main magnificent locations. It is often considered as a real traveler's haven with its natural beauty or mysteries. There are lots of attractions from the marvelous desert landscape, remarkable wild animals also beach coast. Namibia is thus seen as a haven for photographic safaris owing to all its sights;

The most attractive travel sight during Namibia safari can be described as the Namib Desert that extends a number of miles down the Atlantic coast. Much of the Desert is made up to towering red sand dunes and also barren plains creating the renowned Skeleton coast that features bits of long forgotten ship wrecks and also animals' skeletons.

Etosha National Park stands out as the greatest but also earliest conservation site from Namibia due to exceptional wild animals for example 100 wild animals, three hundred and forty wild birds, 110 reptiles not to mention 16 amphibian species all adapted to the ‘great white pans ’. Whether its the wild diversity you want, come across 15 other National Parks to go to like the Namib-Naukluft Park from the Namib Desert. Namibia walking safaris tend to be permitted within a few gazetted National parks.

The Fish river canyon is ranked second largest Canyon across the world following the Grand Canyon across Arizona USA. Adventurous include this to be a preferred attraction that includes beautiful sights on the Ai-Ais pools.

Damaraland is an additional popular region for Namibia travelers thanks to the several rocks which make a breathtaking landscape sight that can inspires most picture taking holidays. Damaraland on top of that contains some archaeological sights beyond Early days dating back some 2 centuries ago.

Swakopmund can be described as popular holiday resort and also destination having cool conditions, spectacular natural beauty, energetic nightlife and even kept with longstanding German structures. This is an best place for water adventures, surfing also offshore fishing.

Enjoy Namibia differently- with all the lovely people of Kaokoland around the northern Namibia. The local people may get you in the area for one social day tour by Kunene River along with many other places.

Wind your Namibia tour from Windhoek the capital in the middle of Namibia, far from the hustle and brutal heat related with game drives. You’ll come across abundant places to stay not to mention Windhoek Namibia hotels with adequate tourist options.

By africasafaris - July 18th, 2011, 23:31, Category: General
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