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September 26th, 2011

Exploring Seychelles Island for Weddings and Honeymoons

Are you looking for a great destination to have your wedding and Honeymoons this year? Seychelles has become the most exquisite wedding and Honeymoon islands you can choose. With many tour companies into the trade of booking Honeymoon vacations around the world, the Seychelles islands top the list as the number one holiday honeymoon destinations.

Seychelles boasts fantastic beaches, aqua ocean waters as well as forested mountain backdrop that brings to mind images from the picture perfect holiday destination. Most of the islands on the Seychelles Islands has one thing distinctive about it. Mahe is the largest island having bustling business along with Praslin comes next with the Seychelles International airport and her stunning beaches located in Victoria the capital city of Seychelles. The other isolated islands such as La Digue offer the suitable setting for seclusion for romantic getaways.

Luxurious Honeymoon travel packages are associated with Seychelles luxury hotelsand resorts similar to St Anne Resort Spa, Hilton Seychelles Northolme Hotel or Banyan Tree Seychelles Resorts and the like. The special offers include around five nights in a hotel, up to 50% discount for accommodation and also exclusive arrangements like candle lit dinners, a bottle of champagne or massage therapies for a price of 1500- 2500 for every couple.

Join the list of celebs that took honeymoons in Seychelles like Kate & William (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), The Beckhams among others. Enjoy the royal treatment through booking an island exclusively for both of you!

You can also find cheap honeymoon packages for a price of 500 -1,000 provided by some hotels and lodges just like Coral Strand hotel, Castello Beach Hotel located on Praslin Island as well as Villas de Mer. Have a mesmerizing romantic dinners at the white sand beach, sundowner cruises and even drink excellent wines from all over the world.

Honeymoon Holiday Tips

Finding a reliable local travel agent to handle your Seychelles Honeymoon vacation is rather essential. You'll find so many tour operators on the internet that may design a perfect holiday, make a reservation for your holiday accommodation, Air Seychelles flights plus put together a travel itinerary be it for family vacations or just honeymoons.

If the wedding ceremony is in a hotel anywhere in Seychelles, you have to arrive at least 2 days ahead of the due date. Earlier arrivals offer you enough time to prepare for the wedding service, secure overnight accommodation for your invited guests and also loosen up before the ceremony.

Take the time to take appropriate clothes for your honeymoon as the weather is great throughout the day. Light clothes, sun screen lotion together with swim suits for the day as warmer jackets are good enough in the nights.

You will find adventure activities that include wind surfing, snorkelling, sport fishing, cruise boating plus nature walks to get ready for. Basically, planning any honeymoon bookings ahead of time is very important in making your holiday in Seychelles an unforgettable experience.

By africasafaris - September 26th, 2011, 17:49, Category: Africa Travel
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